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Getting your budgets right

Before starting a project, you need to get a proper budget in place. But what type of budget is right for you? A freelance developer may express his budget in hours, while a film crew usually works by the day. Then there are ad agencies, who may describe their budget in a combination of money, expenses and hours.

Complex? We don’t think so – at Yanomo, we don’t particularly care what form you choose, because we accommodate all the examples above – and then some. When you define a project, you can create a tailor-made budget from any combination of hours, days, out-of-pocket costs and money. Even better, Yanomo allows you to relate the money to the hours and vice versa, by using any combination of pre-defined and custom rates.

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We’re proud of this, because many well-known time tracking solutions don’t offer this flexibility. Paymo.biz has one field for rate and one for hours, and doesn’t let you add multiple rates to one project. Harvest lets you define if the budget is in hours or in money, but you can’t have both. Let’s Freckle lets you use hours – and you can only enter rates when it’s time to send the invoice.

The difference is under the hood: Yanomo was initially developed for General Electric, and thus always needed to solve the financial needs of industrial-strength companies. This means our software is more flexible, open and robust than that of our competitors’… While retaining the easygoing interface that you expect from a modern Software-as-a-Service.

So – whether you’re a big firm or a lone freelancer, give Yanomo’s 47-day free trial a shot – it works! ยป


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