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Project-based businesses are a rather unique sort. They face challenges that many businesses do not have to confront. Project teams need to be effective, but also collaborative and agile. But how?

According to the Aberdeen Group in a recently published study, cloud-based Project Management software – such as the nice solution by yours truly – really helps meeting these goals. Aberdeen writes: “SaaS cloud technology has an exponential impact on project management within a project-based organizaton.” That’s quite a broad statement, but the conclusion they draw later really hits home:

Organizations that want to get ahead of their competition may want to consider the cloud for their next implementation in order to provide their project teams with the keys to success.

They base this conclusion on the fact that organizations using SaaS-solutions like Yanomo tend to be more agile and collaborate more:

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  • Organizations that have implemented SaaS cloud project management solutions are 39% more likely than those with on-premise solutions to collaborate.
  • Decisions get made faster.
  • More employees exceed metrics.
  • More projects are delivered within budget.
  • 62% of organizations that have SaaS cloud project management in place, have real-time project data at their disposal when exceptions occur. In other words, they’re more agile.

The percentage of organizations using SaaS has risen rapidly in the past five years, but it’s still a minority. In other words: grab the competitive advantage while it still exists! Why not start your free Yanomo trial now?

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