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Integrating (and socializing) with Zyncro

We’re proud to announce Yanomo has integrated its offerings with Zyncro, one of the leading social cloud solutions worldwide.

With a big presence in all major international markets, Zyncro is an award-winning social business platform. We love Zyncro because we share a belief: that we can improve in-company communication by making communication more transparent. We’re both European companies: Zyncro was created in Barcelona just under 3 years ago and now has over 250,000 users and 500 corporate clients.

Our integration is targeted at Soho’s, SMBs and enterprises aiming to allow easier communication, streamline tasks & project management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and make their employees more productive and efficient.

Yanomo offers enterprises industrial-strength operations management with a social, user-
friendly interface, belying the software’s power. The software allows users to track time, to-do’s,expenses, budgets and project progress, embedded within Zyncro. Zyncro allows enterprises to communicate within safe and closed environments and help organizations to maximize their potential through the use of social technology applied to a business ecosystem -resulting in a direct impact on the final results.

Through the connection between Zyncro and Yanomo all the information related to time tracking, tasks, phases, progress, people involved or reports of a project can be easily shared and enriched in a private, secure and corporate social environment: Zyncro, your Enterprise Social Network. Both solutions can adapt to all customers’ needs through branding, personalization, integrations, and mobile applications. Furthermore, Zyncro can be delivered as an on-premise software and private branded, including mobile apps.

To experience the integrated benefits of Zyncro and Yanomo, prospective users simply need to select Yanomo in the Zyncro Apps Marketplace, or contact the sales reps of either company.

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