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Adding cool new features to Yanomo, 2016 edition

Our long-time users may not always notice it, but we are releasing updates to Yanomo every weekend. So here’s an overview of the main features we’ve added in recent months.


1. Smart, automated time tracking, based on your calendars

A major revolution currently being rolled out for beta users: smart time tracking. By which we mean: let us do the work, so you can skip the chore of logging your time altogether! It works by creating rules based on your calendar items, so Yanomo can make educated guesses about the time you spent on what.

2. Solving advances: After-the-fact hours & expenses allocating

Business reality can have a testy relationship with the invoice books; while we still don’t allow you to change invoices after sending them – sorry 🙂 – you can now allocate hours and expenses to invoices after dispatching them, thus solving common scenarios where the hours admin lags the financial admin. The classic is the advance retainer payment, but there are multiple others. You can do this with the link/unlink button below your invoices!


3. Expanding Copying projects / project templates

The copy project function – debuting in 2015 – is now used by the bulk of our customer base, which triggered a series of enhancements based on your feedback. When copying projects, you can now opt to include team, planning and rates, saving a lot of time when you have semi-fixed project setups.


4. Customizable, automated invoice email reminders

An easy way to improve your cash flow: send smart, automated reminders to customers who haven’t paid their bills yet. You can configure it to your liking

5. UX improvements

Early in 2016, we moved from our time-honored top navigation to a more efficient side navigation, giving you more insights and less clutter, for big and small screens alike. Also, we have been modernizing the look and feel of the application by slowly introducing redesigned buttons, forms and dropdowns. Should you find any aspect of your Yanomo usage confusing, cumbersome or even annoying, please let us know! We appreciate feedback and will act upon it.

6. Bulk invoicing improvements

A power feature that takes away hours of repetitive work, the bulk invoicing feature has matured since its initial release in 2014. You can now generate invoices directly from your invoice planning or recently finished projects.

7. Export and API improvements

A bit “under the hood” for casual users of Yanomo, but one our heavy users rely on: the API and exporting features. The (already rich) exporting feature has been expanded with 6 new fields and filters, while the information flow from our API to connected applications now contains expenses, project hierarchies and rates.



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