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What’s new in Yanomo – 2017 edition

As a regular user, you may not always notice it, but we’re continuously improving Yanomo with big and small features. Did you know we do over 50 releases per year, mostly in the weekends? Without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of new features and fixes added to Yanomo in 2017 so far. 1. Tagging […]


Adding cool new features to Yanomo, 2016 edition

Our long-time users may not always notice it, but we are releasing updates to Yanomo every weekend. So here’s an overview of the main features we’ve added in recent months. 1. Smart, automated time tracking, based on your calendars A major revolution currently being rolled out for beta users: smart time tracking. By which we mean: […]


Listing the 8 main features released in 2015 so far

The first half of 2015 is nearly in the books – here’s an overview of the main features we’ve added in the past 6 months. 1. Direct XLS export for any reporting table You can now export any reporting table directly to XLS. The classic export to CSV is still available by clicking the document icon. […]


Getting passionate about building a business

Our co-founder Joost Schouten recently wrote a great post on LinkedIn about building a business as a tech startup. He talks about his personal motivations, getting outside investments and building a – excusez le mot! – kick-ass product. You can read his full post on LinkedIn. Tweet


Integrating (and socializing) with Zyncro

We’re proud to announce Yanomo has integrated its offerings with Zyncro, one of the leading social cloud solutions worldwide. With a big presence in all major international markets, Zyncro is an award-winning social business platform. We love Zyncro because we share a belief: that we can improve in-company communication by making communication more transparent. We’re both European […]


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Living in exciting times

Here’s another quick snapshot from the Yanomo HQ. Because the last few months have been incredibly exciting for us! For the third quarter in a row, we have doubled the number of Yanomo users. At this rate, we’ll be covering the entire world population by 2021! We have closed deals with three integration partners and three resellers, […]


Getting a 4 star-review… And making an appearance at The Web Summit

A quick word from the Yanomo HQ, where the past months have been anything but mundane. We have received a 4 star editorial review at the Netherlands’ #1 Cloud blog CloudTools, making Yanomo the best available time tracking tool they’ve reviewed. The reviewer raved about the simplicity of our product’s use and the potency of […]


Dramatically improving our reporting feature

Business tracking works two ways. First, you need great input for any output to make sense. And once you have the input in place, you need great tools to make the output tell you exactly what you need to know. This is why we’re proud to present our brand new reporting tab. The reporting tab […]


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Yanomo selected to Shell LiveWIRE program

Just a quick note to share something we’re very proud of: Yanomo has been selected as one of Shell’s LiveWIRE program participants for 2013. LiveWIRE is a prestigious Royal Dutch Shell social investment programme that helps young people around the world to start up and run viable businesses. As one of the selected companies, Yanomo […]


Getting your budgets right

Before starting a project, you need to get a proper budget in place. But what type of budget is right for you? A freelance developer may express his budget in hours, while a film crew usually works by the day. Then there are ad agencies, who may describe their budget in a combination of money, […]



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